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  • Keysha is a jack of all trades and a master of all, she’s an Mp representing people with disabilities, human rights activist and an accomplished singer.
  • Her album dubbed Mwangaza is a reflection of her life struggles, a never dying spirit that has endeared her to glory.
  • She wants to leave a lasting legacy by touching people’s lives.

Meet Malkia Keysha, a Tanzanian jewel who has defied the odds from being a person with albinism to becoming an MP, human rights activist, and an accomplished singer.

Her album dubbed Mwangaza a collaborative piece with Tanzanian-based Congolese singer, Christian Bella is a reflection of her life struggles, her tenacity, and her iron-willed character.

A good example is during her long hiatus while wading through heart wrenching moments.

“Kwa sababu ni muda mrefu sikuwa nimefanya music yeah ko ni kama nimetoka kwenye kiza flani nimerudi kwenye mwanga ko ni mwangaza na kimya changu hapo katikati there’s a lot of things zimetokea ko mpaka nimefika apa nilipo ndio maana nikasema mwangaza ni mimi au mwangaza ni wewe” she asserted.

Other songs which have performed well on the album are Darling (Solo project), Beautiful featuring Alikiba and Wanje a collabo with Kusah.

Mwangaza seeks to empower people coming from humble backgrounds to keep on believing in themselves while pursuing their goals.

During our one-on-one sit down, Keysha narrated how she came from a humble family, they could barely pay her school fees.

It’s through well-wishers that she completed her education.

Her poor background never stood in her way when she later plunged into both music and politics

Despite her troubled past, Keysha has turned out as a gem with her achievements echoed far and wide.

She’s happy that more women in Tanzania are going for elective positions under the tutelage of Mama Samia Suluhu.

Malkia Keysha with Ghetto Radio’s Majimaji PHOTO Courtesy


Meeting With Majimaji

Keysha had a tete-a-tete with Ghetto Radio’s, Majimaji.

The two shared a lot from politics, music to current affairs.

In his Instagram post, Majimaji celebrated Keysha as one of the most resilient and blessed souls he’d ever come across.

“Malikia Keysha @malikiakeysha is one of the most resilient and blessed souls I have come across… A politician, member of parliament, party leady and most importantly voice of people with disability in Tanzania and beyond” captioned Majimaji partly alongside their photo.

Keysha is part of the Tanzanian delegation taking part in the on-going African caucus discussing tax to enhance trade in Africa and its partners from the rest of the world.







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