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KFCB Boss Ezekiel Mutua issues warning to Film makers

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The Kenya Film Classification Board has issued a warning to film makers operating without license in the country.

KFCB C.E.O Ezekiel Mutua  said the film regulator has received numerous  cases of people shooting films without  permits especially in public places.

He termed the vice as a risk to national security while also sounding a warning to those issuing forged licenses to film makers in the name of KFCB.

Mutua added that the Film regulator is working with relevant ministries to tame the fake license issue.

The warning comes in light of the attack at the Dusit D2 hotel with the board saying criminals have changed tactics and can masquerade as film makers to survey the areas they intend to attack hence the need for licensing for both local and international film makers.

The board has also issued a 14 day notice to all film makers whose permits have expired to obtain new licenses.

The KFCB boss also urged foreign film makers operating in the country to make sure they apply for their permits through registered local film agents to avoid problems with the law.


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