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Khaligraph Bashed In His Statement To Support Ruto In Coming Elections

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Heavyweight Hip hop rapper Khaligraph Jones has got a backlash from netizens for his sentiments to campaign for Ruto in the coming elections.

The ‘Kasheshe’ rapper had taken to Instagram to address the deputy president, William Ruto to intervene and open the country which has been in lock down, and the 8pm-4am curfew so as to contain the spread of the Covid _19 virus.

Khaligraph assured Ruto that if he succeeds in doing away with the curfew and lock down then he will campaign for him for free in the coming elections, something that did not go well a section of his fans who termed Ruto as being part of the problem ailing the country.

Artist Otile Brown was the first to take on Khaligraph saying that Ruto should have already done something since he is already in power.

“Papa scones unaita aje msee wa mbogi moja na ule anatudinya as Kenyans” Wrote dylantosh,”kumbe unakuwanga Kichwa maji” wrote – akala,”but the same guy is in government.ata yeye ni bure Kabisa”wrote Pacfimmofficial,” How is the guy a hustler with over 4 choppers?! ?”wrote briankeith254.

” But the problem the guy himself is out of the same government.. he is just around fearing to resign because watamfanya ile kitu.. Remember he is part and parcel of this problem that we are facing.. Let’s unite and fight for our country next year,” wrote Arafat – Dabaso.

However, there were those who were in support with Khaligraph Jones.

“I second You My brother,” wrote Officialmasauti.

 “It’s high time tuingie kwa barabara iyo teargas nayo nayo!!! Wrote jfamKenya.

“Hapo umenena,upcoming rappers kama sisi tunaonewa,” wrote east – bud, “KABISAAA?????????,” Wrote Kandajunior.

Since the outbreak of the coranavirus pandemic the music industry has been one of the most hard hit sectors as artist’s have had to shelve staging shows so as to adhere to the stringent rules  of the Covid-19 pandemic.


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