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  • Khaligraph had stated that he was headed to Tanzania only to be seen in London.
  • He will be staging a performance this Saturday in the foreign land.
  • He’s behind the heated Kenya versus Tanzania beef.

Rapper Khaligraph Jones has duped the Tanzanians and landed in London leaving many in surprise.

The Mazishi rapper had stated that he was headed to Tanzania and many were in anticipation.

He had gone to the extent of producing a replica of the Tanzanian Identity Card with new names ‘Omollo Wassira Mwijocker’.

What followed was his video while using an elevator disclosing his destination as Tanzania.

However, in a turn of events, Khaligraph appeared in London hyping his weekend gig at the executive Royal Regency Hotel.

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Fondly referred to as Papa Jones or the OG, the Kayole bred rapper landed in style.

Dressed in a white robe, matching open shoes and a red snapback Khaligraph was picked up in a white Rolls-Royce.

And there was no mention of Tanzania on his lips but rather his Saturday showpiece.

Fans Reactions

Following Khaligraph’s disclosure that he was heading to Tanzania, emotions were raised with everyone keen on the happenings.

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Rosa Ree whose been fierce in dissing back Khaligraph was also caught pants down.

She had hinted on pulling up on Khaligraph with her gang.

We sampled her comment and a few others below.

“Ukifika tuma pin tumuok na Mbogi, tukuletee amani na upendo!”.

“Anzia Arusha bro”

“Best rapper in Tanzania mjitokeze kumlaki, Abadan Katan”.

Kenya Tanzania War

Khaligraph Jones is the architect behind the Kenya, Tanzania war.

He had dared Tanzanian rappers to a battle terming them lazy.

He went ahead and dropped a distrack, Bongo Favour directed at Tanzania rappers.

Soon, hell broke loose and we’ve heard several counter and counter attack related distracks from each sides.

However, Khaligraph has been the main man for all the distracks coming from Tanzania were directed at him.

After Khaligraph duping Tanzanians, Is the Kenya, Tanzania war ending any time soon?

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