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Khaligraph Jones, Octopizzo call off years long beef


Could the beef between rapers Octopizzo and Khaligraph Jones be over or was it just a publicity stunt.

Fans of the two rappers have been left in shock after Khaligraph decided to be the bigger man and endorse Octo’s new song.

Khali took to instagram where he shared a snippet of Octo’s new song ‘Babylon’ calling him King.

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“Ala, kumbe Pizzo de King and you know it ameangusha moto leo??, Champ anatrap Ki Migos, watch it right now on YouTube, Mafan wa Octo ndio iyo nimeshare, msinimalize kwa Dms aki” wrote Khaligraph

Comedian Jalas was however not impressed and took to the comment section to dare Khali and Octo into a rap battle to determine who’s king between them.

Why are you sharing on this platform (Instagram)? We want to see you share a stage, period. The rest is simply noise. We need to see a mic on Octopizzo’s hand and a mic on your hand then we decide who is the real king in the country,” Wrote Jalas

Khali went on to mock the comedian in two separate posts. In one post he shared a grided photo of him, Eminem and 50 Cent asking Jalas to respect the OG’s while in the other he said Jalas should only organize a rap battle between King Kaka, Nyashinski, Octo and Msupa S adding that his money is on Msupa S.

Surprisingly Octo has not talked amid all this back and forth and has continued posting on his Insta stories like his name has not been mentioned 101 times in the last few hours.