Khaligraph Jones Responds to allegations he is using steroids 

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Rapper Khaligraph Jones has responded to allegations he is using steroids to enhance his body.

The rapper has been accused of using steroids to enhance his muscles since a photo of him looking rather big went viral.

Khaligraph has now responded in a cheeky online post and now says he will be adding his dosage soon.

“Kwa wale wanasema Ni Steroids nataka kuwajulisha Ntakua naongeza Dosage, mutateta na mutakasirika mpaka pia nyinyi muanze tu Kuenda gym mwishowe, OG ni OG #respecttheogs #mrinternational,” he wrote.

At one point, the rapper said that those who are asking about his massive muscle gain do not spend much time in the gym and that people who have a dedication to it, can understand his journey.