• Highflying rapper Khaligraph Jones has revealed the venue for his dream wedding.
  • The rapper shares his plans of making his marriage official.
  • Khaligraph plans to marry Georgina in an exclusive wedding.

Highflying Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones has revealed his intention of marrying his wife officially through a wedding ceremony that will take place at their home.

Khaligraph plans to hold the wedding in his garden, which he is currently building in preparation for the big day.

The ‘Kwame’ hitmaker has kept his wife, Georgina Muteti, away from his social media platforms, but he announced that they will be having a private wedding. He also mentioned that their wedding photos may not be shared with the public.

“Yes, I will do a wedding but it will be in my home garden. I am building a space where my wedding will take place. No invites and people might never see the photos,” the rapper says.

He then mentions that weddings are generally considered as events for women and that he finds it awkward when a man boasts about their upcoming big day.

In Khaligraph’s case, his wedding will simply be a gesture of gratitude to his wife, and he has no intention of sharing any pictures of the event online.

“I see some men shouting everywhere they are having a wedding, that is unacceptable. Weddings are for women. Even if I do one, I will not post anything about it. Ni ya kuappreciate mama. Not because I am into it,” Khaligraph explained.

A Look At Khaligraph Jones Family

Khaligraph Jones is a father of four children, with three of them being with his wife, Georgina, and one with his ex partner, rapper Cashy Karimi.

He at times shares videos of himself playing with his three children with Georgina, portraying himself as a devoted family man.

The rapper expressed that his family holds a special place in his heart, and he strives to improve their lives when he is not performing on stage.

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