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Khaligraph Jones sends special message to Shakilla (Video)


Rapper Khaligraph Jones has sent out a special message to socialite Shakilla and other wannabe socialites.

In a video clip doing rounds, Papa Jones advised ladies not to desist from selling their dignity online for cheap fame.

Khaligraph said a lot of young ladies are competing to be the next Vera Sidika or Huddah but end up selling themselves to sponsors.

Khaligraph also hinted that he had tried to speak to one such lady but ended up being ignored because the lady felt he has nothing to offer.

“… shore trying to be the next Vera, or the next Huddah na juu ya Pressure anajipea kwa Mabudah, she wants the fast life so hapotezi muda,

Hataki beshte zake wamconside kama loser, hataki story za Chuo. At 19 ashapoteza ID twice.

I tried talk to her, think it will be nice akanitoka juu singemletea IG likes, anataka High heels kama za Amber Rose, so akakuja kutafuat buda anaweza mumanga doo. Girl you better listen, I know what you undergo, and to these niggas you are just another hoe. They don’t care about the clothes ushawahi purchase, they don’t see the manicure and the eyelashes, all they think about is how they gonna hijack it, tap it alafu wakutoke. Ndio usiwahi mpata.” He said

Khaligraph also advised ladies to stop basing their lifestyles on what they see on the gram.

“Instagram isifanye ujivunje mguu, coz all what this people love here is not true. Girls listen all these niggas Are lying to you out here” he added