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Khalwale Viciously Attacks Uhuru Kenyatta And Gideon Moi

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Kakamega Senator Bonny Khalwale has launched a vicious attack on President Uhuru Kenyatta and KANU Chairman Gideon Moi.

Khalwale who is known for his outspoken trait questioned why Uhuru and Ruto despite approaching their 60s were still relying on their parents to make decisions from them.

“Despite fast approaching age 60 @UKenyatta/@MoiGideon still rely on parents 2 make decisions. Men, shade those diapers n move out of th nest.”

Khalwale was seemingly responding to reports that emerged after mama Ngina Kenyatta met with retired president Daniel Moi.

A subsequent meeting of Uhuru Kenyatta and Moi is speculated to have brockered the deal with which Gideon promised to support Uhuru in the forth coming General Elections.




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