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Kiamaiko Family In Deep Agony Over Missing Epileptic Kin


A family in the Kiamaiko slums is looking for their physically disabled kin who went missing last week on Thursday.

Forty nine year old Abdi who is epileptic left home on Thursday after he was reportedly corced to attend his clinical visits but has since not returned.

His mother Asha Ali says that he was supposed to attend clinic on Friday.

”He was supposed to visit the clinic on Friday. He disappeared on Thursday and has not been seen in the clinic. Abdi has had a few epileptic episodes recently but when he was on medication he did not have accidents. He has no other problems and does not do any drugs whatsoever,” said Aisha.

Abdi, the first born in his family is reportedly a caretaker of the mosque and spends most of his time tending to the religious centre.

”When Abdi wakes, he goes directly to work in the mosque. He spends his entire day there and comes back home in the evening. So we are wondering where he could have possibly gone to. We can’t find him anywhere,” said Aisha.

According to Asha, Abdi was reportedly heard saying that he did not like the idea of being forced to visit the clinic.

The last time he was spotted he had a blue jacket with a black stripe and brown pants with blue rubber shoes.


“He is a big fully matured man in a blue jacket with a black stripe that goes across it. He had brown trousers and the shoes he was spotted wearing last are rubbers shoes with some blue at the top.He was well shaved the last time I saw him,” described Aisha.

He was also heard saying that he would go to Nanyuki but when calls were made to the relatives in that area no one had seen or heard from him.

The family has also tried looking for him in hospitals and even the mortuary but still there are no signs of him.

Asha has urged anyone who has seen or heard from his son Abdi to reach out to them on they have provided.

They have also provided a picture of him and she mentions that it is an old picture so Abdi might look a little older than he is on the provided picture.