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Kiamaiko Slaughterhouse workers decry Curfew


Kiamaiko Slaughterhouse workers have decried the curfew orders set by the president.

According to the workers, the 7:00 pm to 5:00 am will greatly affect their businesses because they mainly slaughter the animals at 1:00 am

Speaking to Ghetto Radio news the workers are now calling on the government considers them.

Abdi an operator in Kiamaiko has asked the government to instill other measures other than the curfew.

“We cannot be leaving work at 6:00 pm and coming back at 5:00 am because we slaughter our animals in the wee hours of the morning. If we don’t do so early we will end up being crowded at the slaughterhouse. The government should just have measures to carry out tests for the virus from home to home. We also have sanitation here so I don’t think the curfew is necessary.” He said

Residents of Kiamaiko led by their ward representative Caroline Wangeci, are also calling on the government to provide them with Masks and hand sanitizers.

“No one cares about us, the area is dirty, we have no masks, no sanitizers. Now you are telling us about curfew, what will people living in slums eat? We depend on our daily income for food. Will the government provide for us?” she said