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Kibagare residents in land tussle with Nairobi School


Residents of Kibagare area are entangled in a back and forth fight land tussle with Nairobi School.

The area residents say they havve been living in the area since 1959 and have never had a problem with the piece of land.

Residential chairman Julius Gwari Kabachi says the piece of land was given to them by president Kenyatta.

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“This land was given to us by Kenyatta even Moi when he was president told me to settle people here and that this land was ours. For the 52 years I have been here Nairobi School has never claimed this land. I  don’t understand how they now claim it’s theirs saying that they have about four acres here and that we should vacate. We would like the government to intervene and give us tittle deeds because we are also Kenyans.” said Kabachi

Another area resident John Mwangi said he has lived in the area since the 50s but now Nairobi school has asked them to vacate saying the land is theirs.

The residents are now calling on the government to intervene.