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Kibera Constituency On The Lead In Sexual Harassment Cases in Nairobi County

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Kibera Constituency is leading in cases of sexual violence on children. In a research report released by Polycom Development and Womankind World Organization many cases happen to young girls in schools and their home.

WomanKind World Organization communication officer madam Musendarezwo says that the main cause of sexual harassment is misuse of power teachers and mostly guardians.

“We have always known that the main cause of sexual harassment and Gender Based Violence in general is power imbalances is system of oppressions such as patriarchy. The vulnerability of girls for instance young women survival depend on someone and often those who have power abuse their power by sexually harassing the vulnerable girls,” says Musendarezwo.

She asked the Nairobi City County to find a way of implementing the act that was passed about Sexual Offence.

“We just heard today that there is a sexual offensive bill that has already been passed in the Nairobi County Government. That’s the right direction, but next step is we really need to implement that law in a manner that will reduce the incidents of sexual harassment that women and girls face,” added Musendarezwo.

The County Assembly of Nairobi On Tuesday passed the sexual Gender Based Violence bill into an Act which is waiting to be ascended into a Law by the Acting Governor Ann Kananu.


The bill calls for protection and Psychosocial support to the victims of Gender based Violence.

Speaking during the discussion, Nominated MCA Mary Arivitza said they will work with the donor community and other stakeholders on GBV matters.

“We are here with Polycom and this research reveals what happens in the daily lives of girls. And it’s not only in the informal settlements. It also happens in the Formal settlements but it is never spoken about. The stakeholders like the Attorney General, the office of the Prosecutor and we are going to have centers in every sub County. We will tell them how GBV is prevalent, “Arivitza said.

The study involved 20 schools in Kibera and demonstrated the widespread of harassment among the girls.




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