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Kibera Crime Buster Rescues At least 9,000 Children From Crime


 At least 9,000 children have been saved from crime and other illegal activities in Nairobi’s Kibera slums.

Humphrey Lando Children Protection Officer in Kibera says they have rescued at least 3,000 children from crime, 2,000 girls from early marriages and another 4,000 from drug and substance abuse.

Lando who is also a cop says this has in turn led to a reduction crime rate by 95 percent this year alone.

Lando says those rescued are taken to rehabilitation centers and then placed in places where they belong like schools and work but the hardcore are under keen watch of the police at the respective police custody.

“I have a nyaunyo that I use on those who refuse to toe the line. I would rather use all my strength to try and reform them than give up, ” said Lando.

Lando has won accolades from his colleagues and even bosses and has been rewarded many for his good job.

The initiative to save Kibera Children from crime and other criminal related activities was initiated in 2007 by the then government.

The National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) in June released a report stating that school children as young as four years old are abusing drugs.

In the report NACADA stated that at least 17% of pupils in primary schools are using one drug or substance of abuse.

“…7.2% were currently using prescription drugs; 3.2% were using tobacco, 2.6% were using alcohol, 2.3% miraa/muguka, 1.2% were using inhalants and 1.2% heroin,” read the report.