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Rodgers Aladwa, the owner of Kibo’s Fry is one of the few men who have proven that affairs of the kitchen are not always a woman’s job as it is perceived in the African culture.

‘Kibonge’ as he is known by most of the locals in garage area Ziwani , Starehe is loved by many for his ugali, fish and meat which he takes his time to skillfully prepare ensuring that each and every one of his customers leaves the place happy and satisfied.

Ghetto Radio’s Offside crew came across Kibo’s Fry during one of the visits for WorldCupMtaani and they could not simply leave without trying out the highly praised Fish dish made and served by the master of the kitchen.

“As you’ve witnessed most people love fish, the tilapia I serve here is fresh from Lake Victoria,” he says as he attends to his customers.

Kibo’s Fry has however managed to continue with its operations despite the biting economic times with the owner mentioning that one has to keep going to at least earn an income to cater for the rest of his bills.

“Biz ni kung’ang’ana tu ju huwezi achilia biz. Heri ning’ang’ane nifanye hio kidogo kidogo napata ndio at least nismamie bills zingine,” he says.

The two squads that Aladwa supports in the 2022 Qatar World Cup are Senegal and Brazil.

By Stella Anyango.


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