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Kibra artists pay tribute to George Floyd with epic Mural

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A group of local artists from Kibra slums have come together to pay tribute to American George Floyd who was recently killed by a cop.

The group of seven painters came together to pain a huge mural of George Floyd in the area.

The portrait is of the famous photos of Floyd in a black cardigan that has been shared a thousand plus times. The artists did the painting majorly in the orange and brown colors.

The video of the mural was captured by a local media house which interviewed the artists as they work.

George Floyd died on May 25th after police officer Derek Chauvin pressed down his knee on Floyd’s neck.

According to the autopsy results, Flyd died of a heart attack while being restrained by officers.

His official cause of death is listed as “cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restrain, and neck compression”, which in plain English means the knee pressing into his neck resulted in cardiac arrest.

His death has sparked a series of protests in different cities in the United States with protesters calling for reform and an end to racial discrimination.


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