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Kibra Residents Launch Mass Killing Of Stray Dogs


Residents of Gatwekera in Kibera slums have launched a mass killing of stray dogs in the area.

Maxwell Atema an area resident told Ghetto Radio that they are killing the stray dogs after a number of dog bites were reported in the area.

“I’m Maxwell Atema a resident of Gatwekera and we are killing these dogs since they have been biting people and scaring ordinary residents,” said Atema.

According to Atema, more than 10 people reportedly suffered dog bites.

“Last week alone the dogs bit ten people and they are still biting them. We are using pangas and knives to kill them,” Atema told Ghetto Radio.

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Atema says that they have reported the issue to local authorities but no help has so far come forth.

The residents called for the government to come with a possible way of addressing the issue of dogs in the area.

In 2015, Nairobi County Government enacted a by law that stated that any stray dog without identification tags will be impounded and owners will have to part with Ksh. 5,000 on collections.

The law also stated that any dog released or claimed within 11 days of having been received will be given away or destroyed under the supervision of a vertinery doctor.

By Jeremick Joe


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