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Kibra’s Most Wanted Criminals Surrender


kibra coverTwo Kibra youths on the most wanted list by area police have surrendered themselves and their firearms to area OCPD Peter Kattam.

Kattam while receiving a fake pistol and a real one applauded the youth for opting to stop their criminal activities.

“We would like to thank these young men for their very noble decision and we would like your friends wherever they are to come forward also and give us what they have,” Kattam said.

He added: “There is no value in crime. Actually what you have decided to do is you have chosen to live because if you had continued having this one [guns] your chances of survival would have been very limited.”

The youths admitted to carrying out their robberies in Lang’ata, Karen and within the slum itself.

Kattam urged the youth to shun crime and instead focus their energies on productive ventures.

He extended an amnesty to 32 other youths on the list to also surrender for security to be restored in the area.

“We are willing to have this celebration again and  again. We can be coming here every weekend to receive firearms because we want to everyone to believe that Kibra is a safe place to be in,” Kattam said.

Kattam also urged parents and teachers to continue working towards reforming youths who engage in crime in the area.