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Kibuye market traders lament another eviction notice

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Kibuye new clothes traders are appealing to the County Government of Kisumu to find them a permanent place where they can continue doing their business.

This follows a 24- hour eviction notice issued by the Kisumu City Manager Abala Wanga demanding them to vacate the place to pave way for road construction.

The traders after the previous demolition had resolved to continue with their businesses in open place opposite former Kibuye Market.

The traders cry that they don’t have a place to move to as they had earlier moved to Stadium where they are being referred back to again but they were chased away.

Rose Aluoch told Ghetto Radio that they majorly conduct their businesses under loans and due to frustration by county officials majority of them have lost their goods to loan owners.

“We suffered and still we are suffering, when the county government was moving people, us we were not given a place. Whenever we were referred we were chased away. The county should know that we are doing our businesses with loans and majority of us have lost our merchandize to loan owners. Let them get a permanent place, “Ruth said.

The traders had previously pitched camp at the stadium but were evicted by the Deputy County Commissioner.

The City Manager Abala Wanga says that the eviction notice was issued to pave way for a road construction set to begin on Wednesday.


“This construction was to start a month ago to give access to Kibuye Market through this place. Those selling clothes to liase with Mr. Kibet too to move to Stadium and once taken there, they should not come. Don’t let me come with a tractor to destroy your goods,” city manager Abala Wanga warned.

The traders are now appealing to county government to take up the matter seriously as life is now coming hard for them.

“We have children in school and fee is required, we have loans to pay, and we are being chased away. Where are we going to get customers? Let the county government chip in,” Aluoch added.

The traders are worried that they might not be accommodated at the Stadium since the place is close to schools like Kisumu Day.



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