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Kibuye traders decry discriminatory resettlement


By Jacob Oluoch

A section of Kibuye traders are crying against discriminatory resettlement of traders whose spaces were demolished by the Kisumu County Government.

The traders who majority are carpenters claim that most of their colleagues have been resettled to other places by the county government.

Led by Billy Ochieng, the carpenters claim that even spaces they had settled in after the demolitions have also been reclaimed by the county government.

“We used to have around eight business sectors, the textile sector, tin snip sector, carpenters sector , Dubai sector and small SMEs. When we were being moved from Kibuye, we tried to inquire where we were going to do our businesses but they refused to answer. We then decided to use a small place around Highway High School but we were moved again,” Narrates Billy.

“We are currently settled along the outskirts of Kibuye market but we are being told is road too. We are worried and stranded,” he added.

Ochieng says that the closure of Kibuye Market has also seen them outsource raw materials which is quite expensive.

“We used to get timbers plus other raw materials from around but the closure of Kibuye Market has seen us spend more since we have to go all the way to Kondele or Nyamasaria,” he stated.

The traders are now calling on the county government to find them a lasting solution to help them eke a living.