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Kidero On The Spot For Failing To Honour Ksh.10 Million He Pledged For Children’s Home


kidero matatus2Politicians have been put on the spot for making false promises to the vulnerable in order to recive political mileage.

Sally Via the founder of a rescue center in Njiru has specifically put Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero on the spot for failing to honour his 10 million shillings pledge for the rescue center when he visited nine months ago.

“We have tried to get hold of Kidero to no avail because accessing his office, you have to go through some people and in most instances they are not in office. So since then, nothing has ever happened,”said Via.

According to Sally, Kidero’s promise has put the rescue center in a very poor situation as many well wishers whom the center had relied on before, have shied away from giving their donations thinking that the rescue center has money.

“Well wishers who used to  support us have stopped because they now think that we have money following Kidero’s pledge. And it is not Kidero alone, the politicians are so many,” she said.