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The Nakuru County government has fired the entire Naivasha Level 4 Hospital Board following persistent claims of bad governance, patient negligence and poor service provision within the health centre.

Residents of Naivasha took to the streets of Naivasha on Wednesday the 18th in protest of poor service provision which allegedly led to the death of a mother the day before and a 23-year-old who had been admitted to the medical facility for last three days.

“The governor has decided to dissolve the board of the hospital. A new board will be gazetted in the course of the week so that they can take that role better making sure that they are the ambassadors of the community in the hospital and also the ambassadors of the hospital in the community,” said Nakuru County Secretary Samuel Mwaura.

The County Secretary also reaffirmed the decision to dissolve the board confirming that it was the first move towards restructuring the hospital governance adding that Nakuru Governor was fully involved in the decision.

“I want to assure the public and the community that we are working very hard to ensure that this outcry that has been there is resolved and that there is smooth service provision to the public,”said the County Secretary.

The county secretary also mentioned that the hospital faced other challenges that directly affected the quality of service provision including shortage of staff and medical supplies.

He also confirmed claims that the hospital owed medical suppliers a total sum of Ksh250 million, which made it difficult for the hospital to adequately offer the required service.

These are only a few of the many cases that had been reported of patients losing their lives especially women during delivery. Hopefully, the swift action taken by the county government this time around will nip such cases in the bud and help Naivasha hospital regain it’s name as a level 4 health centre.

By J.K.Raminya


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