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Killer cop Kangogo gives reasons for her killings in suicide note

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Killer cop Caroline Kangogo has left a suicide note that details why she killed herself and two other cops.

Kangogo who shot herself dead at her parent’s bedroom today says that she shot herself out of frustrations from a failed marriage, sexual harassment at work and also after being conned Sh. 1.3 Million to a fellow cop.

“For Peter Njiru Ndigwa, I don’t owe anyone an apology. He allegedly conned me Sh. 1.5 Million whereby Sh. 300,000 I borrowed from my father’s retirement benefits,” she stated in the suicide note.

“Depression is real, please assist those you know. My divorce pushed me to be inhuman. My father disowned me due to a failed marriage. My husband was allegedly first in calling my father an my brother to cover up his mistakes and they fell into his trap,” she narrated.

According to Kangogo, her husband was an adulterer who chased after and tortured her mentally and physically.

She also stated that after killing the other two cops, she wanted to murder her husband as well but spared him because of their children.

“From Tuesday, I was in Mombasa and always saw you being picked and dropped. I wanted to kill you but I sympathised with my kids. I forgave you. I hope you die the same,” the suicide note read.

Kangogo also narrated how she went through stress at the Kenya Police saying she was sexually assaulted.

“To the Kenya Police, I went through stress as the Senior Police Officer allegedly put me through hellwhen I resisted sex. He couldn’t understand my son’s asthmatic condition and my ulcers and admission to hospitals,” she stated.

Kangogo asked to be cremated and also dressed in a wedding gown something she claims that her husband denied her.

Her body has been moved to a mortuary in Iten.


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