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King Kafu Kicks Off Mfungwa Ni Binadamu Initiative 2020


Ghetto radio’s Nicholas Cheruiyot popularly known as King Kafu is set to visit prisoners at Nairobi West Prison.

The visit will be the presenter’s first prison visit of 2020 in line with his Mfungwa ni Binadamu initiative which aims at inspiring reform among inmates.

The visit will kick off this year’s calendar for his charity initiative towards prisoners.

Through his Mfungwa ni binadamu initiative, King Kafu aims at inspiring reform among prisoners in a bid to steer them off crime.

“There’s a lot of crime rate because there’s a huge number who are in to crime. At the same time there are those who have reformed but when they are released they go back to crime because life is tough. All I want to do is inspire them with the message that crime is not an option, It takes time to get back on your feet but eventually things get better.” He said

Kafu, a reformed criminal himself, is calling on well-wishers to help out with donations as well as join him for the visit which will be going down on the 28th of this month.

“There are people who have never been visited by anyone since they were incarcerated. I just want to bring hope to such people. Remind them that they are not alone. To do this, I need to take them the basic sanitary material, Tissues, Toothpaste, Soap and even slippers.” He said

Donations can be dropped off at Ghetto Radio Offices on Park Road,Ngara.