King Kafu to visit Jamhuri prisons to inspire change and reform among prisoners

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Ghetto Radio’s Nicholas Cheruiyot popularly known as King Kafu is set to visit prisoners at Jamhuri Prisons.

This will be the second visit in 2019 under his Mfungwa ni Binadamu initiative.

The visit which is part of the third phase of his charity initiative towards prisoners is scheduled for 30th March.

Through his Mfungwa ni binadamu initiative, King Kafu aims at inspiring reform among prisoners in a bid to steer them from crime  and inspire them.

“I want to visit all prisons across the country to inspire change among prisoners especially those who are set to be released. I want them to know that there’s life away from crime.” He said in a previous interview

Kafu, a reformed criminal, says he is glad his life took a different turn simply because someone believed in him and now gives back to prisoners to encourage them to turn a new leaf.

King Kafu is calling on well wishers to help him raise enough clothes, slippers, toiletries and even snacks for prisoners serving their sentences at Jamhuri prisons.

Anyone who wishes to support the initiative can drop their donations at Ghetto Radio Offices on Park Road, Ngara.