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King Kafu’s First Ever Air Trip


Ghetto Radio’s Morning Show – #BREKKO Presenter King Kafu was an elated man as he made his maiden air trip to the lakeside town-Kisumu.

Speaking through a telephone conversation, King Kafu registered his excitement about the whole experience.

Checking in at the airport, he was first subjected to the normal routine checks which also involved screening his luggage.

Time seemed not to be moving, He wanted to be on the plane. After clearance by immigration officials, he was finally ushered in the plane together with other passengers.

His seat was next to the window,a perfect spot for viewing the skies.Before take off,a flight attendant took them through a drill, she was audible on the plane’s speakers, the process brought King Kafu memories of his ‘radio life’.

“msee kwa ndege kuna Mc” said Kafu

Nervousness soon crept in as the plane rolled on the runway preparing for take off. His phone also went on aeroplane mode.

“Wacha ndege ikimbie kwa lami kama matatu, ile kitu inaenda teke msee, tenje pia ikaenda mteja nikajua sasa kamachiek” He uttered wittingly.

Unlike take off, Kafu says landing was smooth.

King Kafu used social media to announce the flight to his fans.

“Niaje wazing KQ Flight Safi on my way to Kisumu massive.


Reformist” He shared his photo while on the plane dressed in a pull neck layered with a rugged denim jacket.

His fans made it memorable through their commentaries in the comments section.

“Bazu uko kwa matumbo ya mwewe kabisa Bro” fired one fan

“Mfungwa amefunguliwa Jumbo Jet. ✈️✈️Sulunje 💯🙌” read another comment.

By Steve Osaka


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