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King Kaka accused of setting up his models for bullying


Rapper King Kaka’s attempt to defend plus size ladies on his latest video backfired on him yesterday.

 The Wajinga Nyinyi hit maker was left with an egg on his face after netizens accused him of using the narrative to gain views on his newly released video.

The Utanipata song that King Kaka has done with Kristof was apparently not doing so well on YouTube.

Three days after its release, the song only had a paltry 10,000 views on YouTube.

“Let me be honest.I chose to put plus size women in the – Utanipata video because they are part of our society,they are our friends,our sisters,our mother’s.So why shouldn’t they be in a music video?Why?Tuache ujinga”  Kaka had written on his Instagram page.

Some Kenyans however did not buy Kaka’s statement saying that so far no one had said nothing on the models.

Some even argued that many Kenyans were not aware that Kaka had released a new video that featured plus size models.

“King Kaka keeps hitting new lows. He’s just set up those women for bullying,” said @guylikericky.

“Man @RabbitTheKing you are a sour pathetic loser. No one literally body shamed your women. When you were making your silly tweet your video had about 100comments and all positive. But you had to bodyshame them for clicks. Even myself I had to watch your shitty song. Man, RETIRE!” wrote @ItsMutai.

But as Kenyans got angry, Kaka’s stunt seemed to have worked since the video is currently trending at number #12 with over 100,000 videos.

“Yall got mad at King Kaka and still took the bait? Dimwits,” wrote @KarlitOH_