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King Kaka Crowns His Road To Recovery With A Song-Manifest


Popular hip hop Star Kennedy Ombima commonly known as King Kaka has crowned his journey to recovery through a song dubbed ‘Manifest’ featuring Nviiri The Storryteller.

Taking to his social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram the Wajinga Nyinyi rapper shared a picture of himself in a hospital patient’s apparel looking beaten from a surgical process(bone marrow extraction).

“That’s me, still can’t believe it. 2days after I was admitted and they had just finished drilling on my hip bone for a bone marrow sample.

I was in between worlds fighting to see my family once more. I would force my last smile when Nana and Moms visited but truth is the nights got darker and i would be back in the ring with life. It’s a feeling and place you can’t put in words, “he said.

Not Yet Fully Healed

Though he’s yet to get his groove back, King Kaka is greatful to all the people who stood with him from his family to the medical personnel.

Nights when the devil threw in a few suggestions but the light got stronger for me to listen. Not yet out of the woods but I’ve just realized that waking up is a blessing, are you able to eat? That’s a blessing. You have a support system? That’s a blessing…one day I will tell the full story but as of now I have summarized it in a song. I know we have different struggles, I hope that this song revamps the little hope and light left in you. You have a destiny and God has a plan for you, “ read part of King Kaka’s last statement.

Powerful Lyrics

The song exhibits powerful emotional lyrics of someone who’s fighting to find his life purpose while clinging on the hope of his maker. Nviiri The Storryteller does justice to the chorus.

 “Nimechoka ku manifest, I feel like this is the end ‘Is this the end’ nimejipata deep end ‘Is this the end’ I feel kama Jah ananitest” Is part of the song’s chorus. King Kaka lays out the verses in his poetry signature “Ukiwa kwa giza don’t trust every light magoti kwa floor nilikutrust every night so to see niceness unaseti ma ching kwa pochi na kwa darkness ulini equip na torchi” raps King partly in the first verse.

The song has been received quite well with 8hrs of it’s release it had garnered more than 88k views.

We wish him well as he continues with his medication.

By Steve Osaka