In summary
•King Kaka celebrates 12 years with Nana Owiti stating that it has been riddled by ups and downs
•He terms Nana his greatest pillar while thanking her for being true
•Maintains that he would stay by her till infinity

Hip hop star and Kaka Empire Boss, Kennedy Ombima commonly known as King Kaka poured immense praise on his celebrity wife, Nana Owiti as the two celebrated 12 years as a couple.

Taking to his Instagram, the umenibariki rapper shared a series of sensual photos with Nana while commemorating their 12 years anniversary which he revealed were riddled by ups and downs despite appearing cool, calm and collected at the moment.

“12 yrs,12 Years wah!!A day like this we met.
It has been a journey, even though we look freshhhhh on that 1st slide, it hasn’t been consistently fresh but the lessons have been,” wrote King kaka.

Greatest Pillar

While thanking her for staying by his side, King Kaka further termed her, his greatest pillar in the journey of life.

This was not only for Nana’s friendship but also for being a wise counsel, mother to his children and a caring nurse.

“Thanks for the 12, thanks for being a super friend,a super mom,super lover,super advisor,super nurse and it amazes me how i keep learning new things about you everyday.Thanks for being a pillar, actually THE PILLAR and for being a shaper,” continues King Kaka.

He goes ahead and declares his undying love for her while affirming to stay by her side till the end.

“Nakupenda Nana and All I can say is Asante for the 12 , infinity loading.God keep doing his thing.
Hadi tukunje mgongo @nanaowiti wewe ni mTrue!! Happy Anniversary My Love,” summed up King Kaka.

Fans Reactions

King Kaka’s adorable message to his partner got netizens talking as they marveled at their 12 year old love story.

Many sent messages of goodwill as they wished them well in their endeavors.

We sampled a few of the comments below.

“One of my favorite celebrity couples 😍” fired one fan

“Happy Anniversary 🙌Be Blessed 🤲” shot a second fan

“Nawatakia maisha mema na marefu mzae👏” appeared another comment

Indeed,King Kaka and Nana’s love story is quite priceless.

From Nana believing in King Kaka’s dream when he was an underground star, seeing him through sickness to fighting off allegations of siring a child with his househelp.

Nana has remained as a true gem in offering her life partner the much needed support no matter what.

This is not the first time King Kaka is sending flowers to Nana,he has done it time and again.

In his song,Wajionee with Iyanii,King Kaka uses Nana as the video model.

The lyrics also depicts a man deeply in love.

What lessons can you draw from King Kaka and Nana’s love story? Leave a comment.

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