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King Kaka Reveals That God visited him In Hospital

Kenyan rapper King Kaka says that he saw a supernatural light when he was admitted at the hospital last year.

The rapper says that he was almost giving up in life when he saw a light appearing inside his dark hospital room.

 “Kuna night flani and I keep telling people, I saw the light but from that night ndio nikaanza kupona. Niliona light, kuna taa ilikuwa kwa room yangu usiku na nilikuwa kwa darkness. Mimi nasema God alinitembelea juu after hiyo nilianza kupona na hata nilianza kukula juu sikukuwa nimekula for almost 1 week na following day after the light nikaanza kukunywa uji,” King Kaka said.

He said that his slogan will always be ‘sio mimi ni God’ because God appeared to him while he needed Him  most.

“It is a blessing that I can now sit, was not able to, felt pain when. I tried sitting or walking, then now decided to go to the hospital. That is why hata slogan yangu sahi ni ‘si mimi ni God’ na that is why hata after that nilitoa ngoma yenye inaitwa manifest,” King Kaka added.

King Kaka also revealed that he will not stop singing for God and will always be grateful to Him.

“Kuna projects mingi nafanyia God na ziko mob. The thanks is forever na haiwezi isha kwa sababu because manze place nimefika sahi ni yeye ndio alinisaidia. Unajua sikukuwa able kukaa ama kukula juu after hiyo wrong medication nilianza kuloose a lot of weight,” he said.

King kaka became sick after he was given a wrong medication and started experiencing weight loss as a result.

 By Emmaline Owuor