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King Kaka shares hilarious messages in his DM (SCREENSHOTS)

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Rapper Kennedy Ombima popularly known as King Kaka has shared some of the funny messages that have been hitting his DM.

In his on of his latest posts online Kaka shared a message screenshot of a fan begging to get the latest PS5 from the rapper.

The fan pleaded with the rapper for the PS5 console saying that he is bored at home and would like to start a gaming business.

“Kaka jo nishikishe na PS5 msee. Sahii bado wasee hawana so nikifungua biz ya ps hii area si katashika na plus sitaboeka no more.” He wrote

DM Screenshot

In another message the said fan pleaded for a response from the rapper who remained silent on his request

“Kaka kama haiwezi si uniambie zii nikaange nikijua.” He added

Another fan had previously asked King Kaka to buy her an iphone  as a gift as she is a die-hard fan of the rapper;

“Hey Kaka I’m your fan so badly. But please can you buy me an iphone as a gift I would appreciate that.” She said

This comes weeks after another fan slid into his DM begging him to cheat on his wife Nana Owiti with her (The fan)

“You are my dream man,..yaani wewe huwezi cheat hata siku moja tu hivi.. yaani mimi unakuanga tu umenikunywa design ingine tu huwa sielewi. Mwanaume lazima a-cheat kidogo…usikue mgumu ivo” wrote the lady


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