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  • King Kaka taps Scar Mkadinali in new movie series.
  • Scar Mkadinali has played the lead role in the new series “Monkey Business”.
  • King Kaka debuted in the film industry with the making of “Kamtupe”.

King Kaka has tapped Scar Mkadinali as a the lead star in a new movie series dubbed “Monkey Business” set to premier in May 17th 2023.

The revelation was made by King Kaka himself via Instagram where he presented Scar with the project’s cover photo.

The Wakadinali front man was blown away as he unwrapped the portrait laying his eyes on his image nicely plastered.

On the cover, Scar appears with a gangster demeanor holding a seska pistol in one arm and a banana in the other.

According to King Kaka, he can’t wait for the whole world to see the immense talent in Scar Mkadinali after taking months of shooting.

“I can’t wait for the world waone venye wee ni amazing actor” shot King Kaka partly.

On his side, Scar shared his gratitude towards the Kaka Empire boss for tapping him in the project.

Scar further revealed that he was almost quitting if it wasn’t for King Kaka’s incessant push.

He further affirmed that the movie will be one of its kind.

“Men and I almost quit bro! Bro this means a lot…the whole team Kaka Empire God bless you” he asserted partly.

While summing up, King Kaka wanted Scar to place the movie cover in his living room as a souvenir.

However, Scar chose to place it in his bedroom cutting off probable ‘envious guests’ from its sight.

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Fans Reactions

With the news of Scar debuting as an actor travelling like wild fire, fans trooped to the comment section with full anticipation.

We sampled a few of them below.

“Damn dope @thekingkaka shout out to @scar_mkadinali”


“Amazing actor”

“Hii itakua kubwa”

“Good stuff”

King Kaka debuted in the film industry with the making of “Kamtupe”.



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