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King Lion still rules reggae


Pilsner Kenya in collaboration with Trublack Entertainment and Ghetto Radio did yet another live activation at Hotspot Parkroad Ngara.

The revellers enjoyed a free live band from the Gravitti Band.

The legendary Dj Papa Charly was overwhelmed with Pilsners’ great impact on people’s life thanking Ghetto Radio for making the event successful.

“Manze kumebamba ile noma sana, Pilsner imeingia kwa life ta wasee hapa mameza zote imejaa Pilsner.Tunashukuru sana Ghetto Radio na hizi ndio vitu zinatakikana sahi watu wakule reggae, hii ndio original reggae,”says Papa Charly.
He also added that reggae lovers always stand with people in times of happiness and pain.

“Reggae music is my life, i was born and brought up in reggae and i cannot live without reggae. Me hufeel poa sana nikiskia reggae juu watu wa reggae wanapendana kama familia. Yaani saa ya shida wakona wewe na pia saa ya furaha,” he added.

He also thanked Pilsner for partnering with Reggae because they will now reach a wider congregation.

Legendary Dj Papa Charly with MajiMaji during the Pilsner activation at Hotspot Ngara.

“I have been in business for the last 37 years na kitu naweza sema ni sahi Pilsner imeweza kureach out watu vile wameamua kupartner na reggae juu watu wengi hupenda reggae,” he said.


Papa Charly said that he is sorry for the people who do not listen to reggae music because they do not know what they are missing.

Ghetto Radio’s Managing Director Julius Owino Ondijo alias Majimaji joined the revellers in a thrilling performance.

Legendary Dj Papa Charly with MajiMaji during the Pilsner activation at Hotspot Ngara. PHOTO/COURTESY

With the veteran disc jockey, Tabs on the deck, he played an instrumental from Jamaican Star’s Chaka Demus and Pliers ‘Bam Bam’ to which Majimaji layed out his classical hits Unbwogable with the packed audience enjoying every bit by singing along.

The media personality also paid tribute to the fallen Kenyan Star Wicky Mosh who was part of the hit ‘Atoti’.Reggae fans mobbed Majimaji with each seeking a selfie moment as the evening wined away.