King of Controversy, Ringtone on the spot over fake letter

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For the better part of Tuesday, gospel star Alex Apoko popularly known as Ringtone was the topic of online discussion.

This was after the singer posted a letter from the Karen Residence Association cautioning him against rearing his 40 cows in the leafy suburbs.

The letter ignited attacks on the singer especially since the body he alleged wrote him the letter does not exist. Karen residence are governed by a body known as Karen Lang’ata District Association (KLDA) and not the body Ringtone allegedly received the letter from.

In an interview Ringtone insisted that the letter is true and that someone delivered it at his gate on Tuesday morning.

The singer further claimed he got the cows when he was wooing Zari but when she rejected him he had no option but to keep them.

Looking back, Ringtone is always on the limelight for one reason or the other. Remember when he allegedly bought Zari a Range Rover to welcome her to Kenya? Or the time he said he is now a priest only for out to be a video shoot?

Looking at his social media behavior it all seems like he is just an attention seeker trying to remain relevant.