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Kinoti reopens probe on 2007/08 Post Election Violence after victims complain of threats

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Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti has reopened probe into the 2007/08  Post Election Violence after victims recorded statements over new threats.

Kinoti says that the victims who flocked the DCI headquarters today complained of ethnic profiling and also threats of eviction.

Speaking at the DCI Headquarters, Kinoti stated that the threats are similar to the threats the victims received before the 2007/08 Post Election Violence.

“We were told that there are people who have already started to call other people certain names. Then we started questioning, who are these people,” said Kinoti.

“We then asked them who are these people we are being told are called kwekwe and madoadoa, then they told us that it is them,” he said.

According to Kinoti, the police will move swiftly and ensure that the threats are stopped from happening.

“The core mandate of the police is not to be reactionary is to be proactive at all times, to be proactive at all times is to prevent vices from happening,”he said.

Our job is not to get Landrovers and lorries to go pick dead bodies, take photographs of burnt houses, hacked animals, no. Our job is to prevent that from happening,’ said Kinoti.



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