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Kinyua asks politicians to get authorization for all meetings


Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua has directed politicians to seek authorization to hold public meetings in compliance with the law.

Speaking during a media briefing Kinyua stated that even the approved meetings shall require the conveners to refrain from making inciteful comments.

Kinyua says that even the conveners should and must not demean and stereotype other people and maintain strict observance of safety and well being of everyone.

“The convener or any person intending to hold a public meeting or a public prosecution that shall notify the OCS of such intent at least three days but not more than fourteen days before the proposed date of the public meeting or procession,” said Kinyua.

Kinyua has also advised the media against publishing inciteful remarks and also giving a platform to hate mongers.

“The media shall not publish words intended to incite feelings of contempt, hatred, hostility violence or discrimination against any person or community on the basis of tribe or race,” said Kinyua.

Kinyua’s statement come just a few days after two people died in Murang’a on Sunday.

The head of public service did also not leave out social media users urging them to desist from publishing information that might spread rumours, mislead or does not support any fact.