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  • Singer Bien shares tip behind having a lavish lifestyle.
  • The CEO of the Bald Man Association advices that a smooth life comes when one practices consistency and discipline in their work.
  • According to Bien you have to be prepared to sacrifice more time on your work, so as to enjoy the benefits of a fat wallet and loaded bank account that comes with it.

Celebrated musician and Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist Bien, really took one of the lines from his latest tunes way too seriously when he sang ” Kipara bila pesa kidonda,” and he as the CEO of the Bald Man Association has revealed the secret behind possessing a luxurious lifestyle.

Through his Instagram stories, Bien shared with his fans the key to a smooth lifestyle, mentioning that it only comes to those who practice consistency and discipline in their grind.

“To shop without looking at the price you have to work without looking at the clock ⏰,” he stated as seen in the screen grab down below.

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But is it really advisable to work around the clock?

Well let’s have a look at some of the advantages of having this type of work schedule.

In cases where your line of work involves global operations, working across different time zones might require flexibility in working hours to accommodate international business operations and communication.

For you to ensure the completion of your projects ahead of schedule you may be required to put in additional hours and effort.

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Some individuals thrive in high-pressure environments and may find that working intensively for short periods helps them learn quickly and gain valuable experience.

While in the critical phases of business development, entrepreneurs and startup founders may find themselves working around the clock.

Lastly, in competitive industries, putting in extra effort can be viewed positively and may contribute to career advancement.

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