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Kisii Witchcraft Tag Earns Singer Bamboo Backlash


By Steve Osaka

Secular Rapper turned gospel artist Simon Kimani popularly known as Bamboo is on the receiving end for his witchcraft sentiments against the Kisii community.

Bamboo during a radio interview interview described Kisii as the heart beat of witchcraft saying that, it is so deep that people cannot walk at night.

“Hii kitu iko apa Kenya mbaya mbovu,wajua Kisii maze watu hawawezi tembea usiku,Kisii ni true story my friend, watu wameshindwa kutembea usiku,”lamented Bamboo.

The born again Star who is currently riding high with his new release ‘Karibu Home’ after a long hiatus, was promoting his books that he has authored together with his Ugandan wife Erica whose life was riddled with witchcraft and sorcery from a tender age.

“Huko kwao wanafanya uchawi sana, her grandmother alikuwa mchawi ile ndani so wakubwa walikuwa wanakuja kumwona yaani politicians,mayor,governor watu walikuwa wanakuja kumwona,” said Bamboo.

It’s from this statements that Bamboo gave a comparison of sorcery in Uganda and Kenya singling out Kisii as a hotbed of witchcraft.

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This did not go well with a section of netizens who openly showed their disappointment.

“Pepo mbaya hii wachana na wakisii Kabisa” wrote Budesko Eddy.

“Sell books without destroying the good name of Kisii” Wrote Henry Abuya.

However,they were those who were in the same boat with the Star.

“Bamboo talk the truth ??” Wrote Evelen Ev.

“We kikuyus are also witches not only Kisii nishai kaa Kisii two months but sikuwahi come across na mchawi usiku hata is that we don’t talk about it but pia kwetu wapo and all over people” wrote Reaction Video King RVK.

Bamboo says he is back to win more souls to God and believes his younger sister songstress Victoria Kimani will soon find her purpose and ditch secular music for gospel.

He also termed the current crop of artists in the secular world as lost for their continued glorification of sex in their music.