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Kisumu Activists Advise Against Erecting Perimeter Wall On New Bus Park

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Human Rights Activists from Kisumu have asked the Kisumu County Government not to erect a perimeter wall around the newly constructed bus park.

The defenders say that the county government should instead build more shops around the newly constructed bus park to accommodate more traders.

Speaking during the launch of Kisumu Peace and Justice Center yesterday at Mowlem, Human Rights Defender Boniface Ogutu says that giving the locals access to the bus park will help generate more income to the county.

“We were told that the new bus park will be surrounded with wall. The community is requesting that , that surrounding wall is blocking access of their economic activities, they have even requested that , the county to allow them build shops around it instead of the wall as it will also help in generating income,” said Ogutu.

Irene Asuwa who is also a human rights activist appealed to the county government to ensure dead industries within Nyanza are working in order to create more jobs for the youths in the various counties.

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“We want to see our sugar mills working, rice farmers working, we want Yala Swamp and Lake Victoria back. The lake has been fenced right from the airport ad community do not have access to the lake. Kisumu still doesn’t have Fish processing plant, the Chinese have put cages on our lake,” said Asuwa.

The Kisumu Peace and Justice Center will help the Mowlem Community find justice against numerous police brutality cases within the area.

“This community has always suffered we have always had numerous cases of police brutality. I personally have suffered three times from the hands brutal police officers from this region,” said Ogutu.

This center will act as an arms reach and they can access us whenever they might need support to access any justice channel.

VIDEO OF THE DAY; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CSEdtp3Hb8&t=5s