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Kisumu Activists Form Movement To Foster Electoral Integrity


A group of activists from Kisumu County have formed a movement aimed at fostering electoral integrity and transforming political leadership in Kenya.

Angaza Movement has been launched by different activists including the Kenya Human Rights Commission.

The Angaza Movement leaders plan to traverse different counties across the country in a bid to sensitize the youth on different ways to resolve critical political issues.

Angaza Movement Western Region Chapter Betty Okero says that they are planning to engage the youth and also let them know of the critical issues that lead to electoral drawbacks.

“I am standing here with the Committee that is involved in the movement that we are creating. This movement is going to go around Kenya and will mainly focus on key issues touching on electoral and political governance,” said Okero.


“The movement also aims at getting as many Kenyans as possible to understand political governance and understand the benefit of their vote and how the country is going to be governed by ensuring that the coming election is free and fair,” she stated.

Davis Malombe from the Kenya Human Rights Commission added that during the sensitization period, they will also focus how political governance is captured by the elite.

“We are doing this because we are on the pre-election period where voter registration is taking place,” said Malombe.