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Kisumu Artists Form Network To Address Their Plights


Kisumu Arts and Cultural practioners have formed a network that brings together performing artists and visual artist to represent and defend their interests.

Lake Region Arts and Culture Consortium LAREACCO’s main purpose is to bring unity amongst the artists by ensuring  Art industry is commercially viable.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio, Chairman LAREACCO and also a member of Story Markers Society  George Otiende says that they acknowledge that they are the bedrock of creativity, envisioning of a commercial viable network of arts and artists led by equality and inclusivity determined to harness ,strengthen and create linkage to steer growth and development in  the creative industry.

“Why do we say we need LAREACCO within the lake region and networks within the country? There is power in unity and togetherness. Many Artists in the past have been shortchanged, you do a performance and you don’t get value for your money, so as a network we are feeling that its time artists came together and knew who they are, where they are and what they do that will help us do a data base calendar,” said George.


George says that they are also going to come up with programs that will ensure capacity building and training amongst artists.

“We need to understand the capacity building gaps that artists have, the trainings they need to have so that their art is quantitative and qualitative. When that happens we now get to come up with a program that now aims at branding, art marketing and pricing art,” he added.

George says that they are going to change the narrative where small artists become victims of penny pay.

“This has mainly affected small artists. They should not perform based on what is set for them but have a target price for their arts where they quantify and qualify in LAREACCO we going to bridge the pricing gap,”  says Otiende.

The network also aims at ensuring that artists make money out of their art.

The LAREACCO idea was mainly muted by artists from the Lake Region covering the 14 counties within the Western Region circuit and lake region in general.

Currently the network is planning on launching its chapters with the counties found within the lake Region Economic Bloc.