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Kisumu boda boda operators decry a decline in business

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Kisumu boda boda operators are crying over the decline in business following the reviewed Covid-19 containment measures announced by the ministry of Health.

The operators claim that containment measures have interrupted cashflow within Nyanza following the surge in Covid-19 within the 13 lake Region Counties.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio they say the that drop in economic activities within Kisumu has mainly resulted from the series of demolition done by the Kisumu county government.

“To say the true is business is down on us. Majority used to work at Night but now everything has changed. There is no cashflow due to these new containment measures together with the demolitions done by the county government of Kisumu,” says James Otieno.

He added that the demolished places used to act as their sources of income as the owners were their customers.

The riders say that is now hard in Kisumu since majority of those who owned businesses in Kisumu turned to bodaboda business after their business places were brought down by the county government.

“As you can see, this sector has a bigger number and many continues to opt for this. Those who owned business premises in this city have turned into motorbike business, life is hard,” said Emmanuel.

They have cried to the government to find a mechanism that can help them solve challenges they are facing in bodaboda sector.


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