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Kisumu City Talks Tough On Waste Management Collection


Kisumu City Manager Abala Wanga today met all City  Village administrators within the city on ways to improve on solid waste management in the city of Kisumu.

This follows serious flooding witnessed on the Central Business District (CBD) streets early this year.

The city boss says that the flooding is caused by back flow caused by serious blockage of drainage channels.

While addressing the Village administrators, the city boss mentioned the drainage channels along access city roads have been extensively blocked by Kiosks and  solid waste.

“Those Hawking along Kisumu Boys, Nyalenda and are littering the Surrounding should be first warned.  Go there with your team and officers from public health.  When two weeks lapse and they still go against your instructions, arrest and charge them. This is because it is our mandate as residents to keep the city clean,” says Wanga.

Wanga has advised the Village and mins to ensure collected wastes are taken to the appropriate place and  also warned Milimani residents to stop burning wastes.

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“We called you here today to help us tour the estates, let’s find the cause of these problems and find a better solution. But those staying within Milimani should stop burning waste, I don’t want to see smoke within that area Milimani admin, walk around identify old looking structures, be it government houses and close them ” Wanga added.

He has instructed the admins fine those who will not tow the line on waste management Sh. 1,500 per day.

Oginga Odinga Street, Angawa Avenue and Kenyatta Avenue are some of the streets with high standards of cleanliness.