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Kisumu County Government Called Out For Failing To Safeguard Small Businesses

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Kisumu county Senator Fred Outa has called out Kisumu County Government over its failure to safeguard small businesses within the county.

This follows the numerous demolitions conducted by the county government last year and early amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking at K-city, Outa says that the county government continues to frustrate the small scale business operators yet they are the ones responsible for the county economy growth.

“A number of traders are now crowding this place on a forced trade, it was not their wish to be here today. They are here because their business premises have been demolished,” said Outa.

Outa further claims that some traders have lost their lives to following the demolitions and some forced to move upcountry.

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“A number of these traders have lost their lives, some have moved upcountry, while majority suffering from depression,” says Outa.

Outa has further challenged the county government of Kisumu to create an environment that enables small businesses to thrive.

“There is no politician on earth or heaven who will give money to people but through your sweet you can get what you consume that cannot be given by anybody. The only thing the county government can do is to provide and an environment where the small businesses can thrive,” Outa added.

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