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Kisumu County Government Controversially Demolishes Kenya Railways Wall


Kisumu county city manager, Abala Wanga on Friday morning demolished a fence erected by Kenya Railways Cooperation within the Juakali area claiming that the Kisumu County Government was not informed.

According to Wanga, the county government had not approved the building of the wall by the Kenya Railways Corporation.

“First of all, they broke the rule. They came here fencing with disregard to regulations of the county and the city. They neither consulted the governor nor county commissioner on how the process was to be done,” he added.

During a press briefing, Wanga stated that the land belongs to the Kenya Railways Corporation and that the county was in the negotiation process to use the land to accommodate local traders.

He added that they agreed to grant the land to the Juakali Artisans for the time being as negotiations are ongoing.


“We are in negotiations with the Kenya Railways Corporation with regards to this parcel of land. The governor even met the board where we were negotiating to have a railway city. Because when we have uhuru market here, we wanted another trading area to accommodate the local traders with improved stalls, malls and more,” said Abala.

He added that the Kenya Railways Corporation on its volition, decided to issue allotment letters to private investors.

Abala warned that the investment must be done by the local traders.

“If they want revenue, they will get it more than what they are giving out. So we are telling them to stop the entire process and look for the governor and National government,” he posed.

According to George Ochieng the coordinator of Kisumu Juakali Artisans Associations and also Somali group chair, the disputed piece of land houses 3,000 artisans.

“Actually these guys had an intention of ejecting over 3,000 out of the area,” he stated.

By Jacob Oluoch