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Kisumu County Government refutes plans to demolish Kisumu Boys and Kisumu Girls schools

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By Jacob Oluoch

We aim at relocating not demolition Kisumu City manager Abala wanga  warn Social Media Users.

Kisumu city manager Abala Wanga has denied claims that the Kisumu County Government is planning to demolish Kisumu Boys and Kisumu Girls.

Wanga says that the county is instead planning to relocate the two institutions that are located within the Kisumu CBD.

The relocation is within’ the county’s plan to restructure Kisumu City.

“All those you see on social media are blatant lies. Kisumu county government is not planning to demolish but we are planning to relocate. We have not yet confirmed the place to relocate the schools as being purported,” said Wanga.

Abala further states that the relocation is a long term plan that will involve many processes including public participation meetings.

“This is a long term project and soon we are opening a debate on it. The plan will see the  bus stage,  Kisumu bus park, Juakali Sector, Lake primary school , Kisumu Boys, Kisumu Girls and Kisumu District hospital  relocated to a better site for schools expansion and good atmosphere and those places they currently occupy will have extensive areas for international trading sites,” he stated.


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