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Kisumu County Promises To Pay Striking Health Workers By Friday


Kisumu county government has now pledged to pay the salaries of the striking health workers working under the Family Aids Care and Education Services (FACES) by tomorrow, Friday 5th November 2021.

Kisumu County Health Director Dr. Fredrick Oluoch says that the delays came after the FACES Programme was transferred to a donor programme known as Center For International Health, Education and Biosecurity (CIHEB).

“We are very much aware that some staffs have not gotten their September, October salaries ,those are two months and this was caused by transition issues and the funds we are getting from donor support which need to pass some approval (Kemri) before ready for use. By yesterday we were done with this and the staffs are supposed to receive their salaries and gratuity by end of this Friday,” confirmed Dr. Oluoch.

“We really send our apologies to the affected groups and we are here to confirm to them that we shall ensure everything gets solved,” said Dr. Oluoch.


Dr. Oluoch further appealed to the striking health workers to resume their duties as they wait for their salaries.

“Already we have talked to them and we are sure they are going to get their pays. There has been communication throughout the program but as people they felt anxiety of knowing what is really happening. I think they wanted a communication from the county government, and exactly that’s what we’ve done,” added Dr. Oluoch.

Dr.Oluoch further assured the health workers under Faces that the new donor CIHEB will not come up with new mode of executing duties or rules.

“We expect CIHEB to take over even the staffs from the Faces and basically we expect them   to transfer the staffs to the their program. We expect all the staffs to be transferred except a few but basically the transfer will majorly be based on performance,” said Dr. Fred.

” They may take a given number into the new program but a suitability test must be done,” Dr. Oluoch affirmed.

Faces programme was launched in September 2004 through a collaboration between Kemri and the University of California San Francisco.

Its aim is to provide and strengthen comprehensive, coordinated and compassionate health services for HIV- affected families in Migori, Homabay , Kisumu and Nairobi counties respectively.

Later in 2016 , they shifted focus to working with Kisumu county specifically where they established 61 health facilities spread across the seven sub- counties.