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Kisumu County Put On The Spot Over Stolen Nets


Kisumu County Government has been challenged to give a clear figure on the number of nets allegedly stolen from its stores.

This follows the arrest of three people who had allegedly stolen over 17,000 mosquito nets meant for distribution to families in Nyando, Kisumu, County.

Kisumu MAGNAM environmental Network now claims that more nets could have been stolen from the county government stores.

The network’s Chairman Michael Nyaguti further questions why nets that had been delivered to the county government last year were being distributed several months later.

“These nets being distributed were brought last year. Now it has come out clearly that nets have disappeared from distribution centres. We are not even sure if the nets received in the stores are in distribution centers,” he stated.

“At St.Mark Lela nets were distributed on the first day. This is a cry in the entire county as many were turned away due to lack,” he further stated.

Nyaguti claims that his attempts to get the county’s CEC for health have been futile.