Kisumu County Residents Express Concern Over 7,000 percent land levy increase

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By Jacob Oluoch

A section of Kisumu residents have expressed concern over a 7000 percent land increase in proposed by the Kisumu County Government.

The residents are questioning how Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o reached the recently gazetted land rates that will see property owners cough up to Ksh. 7,275 for property owners and Ksh. 5,343 on leasehold lands.

The residents claim that the Kisumu County government did not follow the proper channels required by the law to come up with the new rates.
One resident Oscar Komware claims that even public participation was not done by the County Government on the news rates.

“How did land value reach to the said rate of 7000 percent and how do non business structures like homestead qualify for the said tax ,” asked Komware.

The residents further questioned if the county government of Kisumu considered the percapita level of the tax payers within the coverage in relation to accumulated debt.

“Why would you bypass public participation for people’s ownership and adoption of such economic engagement and expect them to pay an objection fee of sh.500? Where do you expect the hand to mouth economy life level people to get this money from?” another one posed.

East Seme Ward MCA Hon. Seth Okumu defended Kisumu county government by stating that the rates will remain the same.

“That’s why they did valuation and open a new valuation roll for debate.After which you can agree or object to the new values pegged on individual land parcel giving the new rates. After which the valuation roll can be amended,” said Okumu.