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Kisumu Court to rule on land dispute between Kenya Prisons and Residents

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A court in Kisumu is expected to deliver its ruling on 25th November this year on 64ha of land dispute between Kenya Prison Services and Nyalenda A, B and Pandpiere residents.

The residents moved to court over that piece of land in Nyalenda which the Kenya Prison has been using for their activities.

Kisumu Environment annd land court Judge Antony Ombwayo is expected to deliver his ruling on 25th November.

This follows a declaration by lawyer Kenneth Amondo who represent the residents that justice must be prevailed to the residents whose land were illegally transferred to Kenya Prison Services.

Lawyer Kenneth says that he believe that at long last justice will be prevailed.

“And judgment in respect to this matter shall be delivered by Justice Ombwayo on the 25th of November 2021 at 2.30pm,” lawyer Kenneth confirmed.

He further added that, ” we are happy the way the court has handled the matter expeditiously and justice shall be served upon the people of Nyalenda.

The disputed land measures around 64 hectres and the claimnants were the original ihabitants .

The land is said too be ancestral land.

” This piece of land being disputed is ancestral land and these people I’m representing are the children or the grandchildren of the initial applicants. The claims by the Prison department is that they acquired the same parcel from the National government way back in 1930 and subsequently in 1960,” conluded lawyer Kenneth.

The claimnants are staying in some significant portions of the land and they raise issues on the other pieces of lands they used for cultivation.
The residents had earlier told court that they are living like squatters in their own ancestral land which they have valid claims.

The title given to Kenya Prison Services by the National Land Commission is termed as to be obtained irregularly.


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